In the year 2010, Major Drilling used our HQ3 diamond core bit (8mm height) NF3-4 on their Armenia drill site. The bit drilled more than 1533.5 meters (5106.6 feet) and nine holes over a two months life span.

In the year 2011, Fujian No.121 Coal Geological Team used our CROWN brand HQ diamond core bits (matrix height 12mm) on Xinjiang Yili Coalfield Gillen Desk - dam Mining drilling site, one HQ bit drilled totally 1954.84 meters which should be a world record.

In May 2010, Sichuan No. 403 geological team in Sichuan Huili outlying deepest drilling hole #ZK501, use our NQ drill rods to drill very complex rock formations like carbonaceous slate, carbon albite rock, final Hole depth is 2067.68 meters. Our drill rods never broken during drilling.